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A Blog Can Help Your Music Ministry

A blog is an online resource which every music ministry should consider utilizing as part of its ministry . A blog can be an effective mean of communication that enables you to tell the story of your ministry far and wide. A blog will enable you to showcase your faith, ideas, and your songs to the world.You … Continue Reading

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Finding A Great Drummer

For many worship teams, finding a good drummer is a bit easier than finding a great drummer which can seems near impossible. If you find one who plays well, he turns out to have an attitude problem. Then the … Continue Reading

Jeremy Camp "He Knows" Album Cover

Jeremy Camp: He Knows (Lyric Video)

"He knows", is the lead song from the album of the same name by  Jeremy Camp  which captures the essence of his Christian beliefs and his strong faith. "We all experience different types of hurts and struggles," … Continue Reading

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Stress In Music Ministry

 Stress In Music Ministry - How To Avoid it The music ministry is a fun if you are called into it. Think of the major roles music plays in a church service; it brings life and joy to every heart no matter their … Continue Reading