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Developing Set Lists For Music Ministry

Crafting a set list for music ministry can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Though it may be tempting to simply choose a bunch of songs on a list as your mood dictates, intentionally planning the flow of the service provides church attenders with the opportunity to experience worship in a more … Continue Reading

The Story Behind The Song


Hymnal Books

Modern Trends in Hymn Writing

Hymns have been part of the music ministry of the church for many centuries. Although in the late 20th century, the contemporary Jesus movement began leaning away from hymns and more toward singing praise choruses, … Continue Reading


Music Ministry Training Opportunities

If you feel an interest in music, as well as a call on your heart for the ministry of the church, you may want to consider training to pursue a career in music ministry. There are many options for music ministry … Continue Reading


Music Ministry and Social Media

Music Ministry and social media are a perfect partnership for achieving the Master’s goal. Since music need an audience, it is an effective means to reach ones audience where they are, and provide them with your … Continue Reading


Does Theology Affect Music Ministry?

When the average person thinks about theology, he or she probably thinks about dusty books that are hidden away in a secluded monastery that has not yet adopted the cutting edge technology known as electricity. … Continue Reading