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How To Avoid Stress In Music Ministry

The music ministry is a fun if you are called into it. Think of the major roles music plays in a church service; it brings life and joy to every heart no matter their conditions at the beginning of the service. Holy Ghost birthed music is a message which can change lives and establish the kingdom of God in … Continue Reading

The Story Behind The Song


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How to Empower Women In Music Ministry

God do ordain women as music ministers as we see it in Exodus 15:20-21. Miriam the sister of Moses led other women to sing high praises to God after the Egyptians were drown in the red sea, God is still doing the … Continue Reading

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How To Grow As A Music Minister

If you are a music minister, you should seek to improve upon your roles and skills so that you and your ministry will continue to be relevant and effective in the programs of God. Music is so important in the church … Continue Reading

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How To Write Praise And Worship Songs

Praise and worship songs have become the staple of popular Christian music today. Why so? Praise and worship songs are simple, yet enjoyable and catchy. These songs are made in such a way that when you hear it once, … Continue Reading