Media Outlets for Music Ministry: Gospel Music Channel

Christian media networks such as the Trinity Broadcasting Network, commonly known as TBN have been a standard outlet for Music Ministry to be broadcast on television. But in 2004, the Media Outlet for Music Ministry became the Gospel Music Channel. Their mission is simple: To inspire, uplift, and entertain.

Seven years after the launch of the Gospel Music Channel or GMC by legendary televangelist Rex Humbard’s son Charles and his business partner, Brad Siegel from Turner Entertainment Networks at Turner Broadcasting, GMC is stronger than ever. The channel merges Christian Contemporary music videos with Urban Gospel and artist biographies with live concerts, and current events. reported in 2007 that GMC “ranked as the #1 emerging or mid-size network” (, 2007) in the annual cable operator survey. In fact, reported GMC is the only cable channel to receive the Entertainment Seal of Approval from The Parents Television Council. also reported in March 2011, “nearly 48 million homes on various cable systems around the country,” air GMC and on DIRECTV and Verizon FIOS. That’s quite a few households exposed to the ministry of music in a family setting.

This product mix of Christian music and family programming offered by GMC provides audiences with a reason to continuously tune in and support the artists and advertising viewed. Music Ministry artists recognize the power behind GMC and churches can confidently share GMC as an alternative to negative, adult language content offered on most cable television stations. Church Directors of Music can find suitable material for contemporary worship services and listen to the stories behind the music through artist biographies. A twist to the usual rehearsal setting may be a fellowship viewing one of GMC’s Front Row performances showing a live concert. Churches can hold family nights which incorporate live music with programming from GMC at their local church without the fear of inappropriate scenes flashing across the church audio-visual system. And there is no shortage of youth music so the youth groups can have their own fellowship as well.

The Music Ministry can also use this media outlet for promoting events on local cable stations. Through obtaining an advertising rate card, the ministry can ask GMC be included for the paid advertising of special events and immediately reach their target audience.

Since it’s inception, the Gospel Music Channel has proven to be a family focused cable network, dedicated to providing quality family programming with the underlying current of Christian Music. Ministries around the country can glean from the artistic content found on GMC and further develop their own Music Ministry for services and dramatic presentations. Media Outlets for Music Ministry have expanded and the Gospel Music Channel certainly has opportunities for consideration.